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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surviving Mozilla’s fast release cycle on Windows

If Google Chrome has taught Mozilla a lesson, that’s «zOMG LET’S DO A MAJOR RELEASE VERSION BUMP EVERY 3 MONTHS OR SO COZ IT’S FUN AND SHIT1». However, they forgot the «also, let’s not bug users with elevation prompts every fucking time we release an update, we don’t really need to install system wide»-part.

That’s why the default installation folder is %ProgramFiles%, while Chrome sits silently, buried in the deep of your AppData folder.

The stupid trick of the day is that if you install to a user directory, luckily you will not be prompted for elevation. This works both for Firefox and Thunderbird.

Step 1


Choose custom install.

Step 2


Browse to your custom application folder. Mine is setup as %UserProfile%\Apps

Incidentally, that’s the folder where I install portable/no-install applications.

Step 3

Enjoy now almost-hassle-free updates.


  1. «also, Microsoft sends us a cake each time, so that’s cool» ^top

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La grande televisione + la grande musica = Il grande remix

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