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Saturday, August 31, 2013

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IvyDE Plug-In Slow Download in Eclipse

I’m not really fond of Eclipse, so, losing 3 hours of my life trying to understand why IvyDE downloaded dependencies at the blazing speed of 50 Bytes/second did not really made my day, today. Anyhoo, if you, like me, have spent a big part of your afternoon banging your head against the nearest wall trying to understand why the stupid POS is going so fucking slow, while typing ivy at the prompt works as expected, and you wish horrible deaths to many people you do not know, then the answer might be inside this nice window.


tl;dr: check Eclipse’s Network settings.

Yes, because, although you might even ignore the existence of this panel, your favorite IDE might have helpfully changed its settings that one time you actually changed your settings in the system panel of OS X1, and did not revert them back when you updated them to the defaults2.

So, Dear Eclipse,



  1. it might apply to other operating systems ^top
  2. also, because only HTTP section was affected, Eclipse’s updater worked, since it connected to the repositories through HTTPS ^top

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