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Ad-Hoc Connection between Android and Mac OS X

You might have read in many places that the way to go is in the “Sharing” configuration panel (”Condivisione”) and then configure the thing as in the picture (yes, it is a localized version, deal with it).


You most probably want to share FROM your Ethernet using your Wi-Fi.

What other people won’t tell you — and I am here just to do that — is that if your Ethernet adaptor is not connected (this is a Macbook Air), OS X won’t complain and just won’t do anything.

So, it’s not broken or anything, it’s just silently failing.

Anyway, do it like that, and then your Wi-Fi icon will turn into an arrow pointing up with the Wi-Fi icon grayed-out on the background. That means that your Android device can use the connection of your Mac.

Nota Bene :

1) No, you cannot share Wi-Fi over Wi-Fi, because The Most Advanced Operating System In The World™ is not as advanced as Windows 7, so, sucks for you (and me).

2) Apparently you cannot just connect to your laptop if it has no Internet. Well it makes sense given that the window is called “Internet Sharing” but I just wanted a WLAN.

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