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Monday, June 9, 2014

SVN chokes on case-insensitive file systems upon renaming

So, this is what I’ve been fighting over

!       src/silver/main/Sm
!       src/silver/main/Sm/
!       src/silver/main/Sm/
!       src/silver/main/Sm/

The friggin’ exclamation mark was because I actually renamed the directory ‘Sm’ to ’sm’ (lower case ’s’) because otherwise the example I’m working on won’t probably work on a case-sensitive FS. Problem is, doing a local ‘rename’ caused SVN to go crazy, as it would watch both the ‘Sm’ and the ’sm’ directory which, of course, happened to be exactly the same.

No problem, I said, let me just delete it on the server. NOPE. So, here’s how I did it:

  • add the new directory
  • commit (explicitly dir-by-dir if necessary) the local changes in the renamed directory
  • `svn rm` the shit out of `Sm` (that is, the upper-case directory): DISCLAIMER: it will delete `sm` so please be sure that you have committed everything you needed to stay
  • `svn up` so the content is restored from server, and fucking SVN is happy again

and now, an appeal: dear tool developers, please be aware that case sensitive file systems are not the norm. THANKS.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

IvyDE Plug-In Slow Download in Eclipse

I’m not really fond of Eclipse, so, losing 3 hours of my life trying to understand why IvyDE downloaded dependencies at the blazing speed of 50 Bytes/second did not really made my day, today. Anyhoo, if you, like me, have spent a big part of your afternoon banging your head against the nearest wall trying to understand why the stupid POS is going so fucking slow, while typing ivy at the prompt works as expected, and you wish horrible deaths to many people you do not know, then the answer might be inside this nice window.


tl;dr: check Eclipse’s Network settings.

Yes, because, although you might even ignore the existence of this panel, your favorite IDE might have helpfully changed its settings that one time you actually changed your settings in the system panel of OS X1, and did not revert them back when you updated them to the defaults2.

So, Dear Eclipse,



  1. it might apply to other operating systems ^top
  2. also, because only HTTP section was affected, Eclipse’s updater worked, since it connected to the repositories through HTTPS ^top

Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Disable Notifications in Foursquare’s Android App ?

You can’t.

At least, not within the app. Log in to Foursquare’s web app (namely, their website), go to your profile, settings, and uncheck this bastard:


Now the app will finally stay silent. Yes, the most important setting cannot be set from within the app. Go figure.

No, Foursquare, I don’t really want to be notified about every fucking single movement my friends make.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Obvious things that are not: Evernote startup at logon

I like Evernote, I really do. I have used Onenote on my Windows PC, but I’ve been using Evernote on my Macbook Air. The only thing that I was wondering was why it kept on popping up at every logon, even though the “load helper” option in Preferences was unchecked.


Right click the dock, uncheck Options > Open at login.

Obvious things not so obvious.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surviving Mozilla’s fast release cycle on Windows

If Google Chrome has taught Mozilla a lesson, that’s «zOMG LET’S DO A MAJOR RELEASE VERSION BUMP EVERY 3 MONTHS OR SO COZ IT’S FUN AND SHIT1». However, they forgot the «also, let’s not bug users with elevation prompts every fucking time we release an update, we don’t really need to install system wide»-part.

That’s why the default installation folder is %ProgramFiles%, while Chrome sits silently, buried in the deep of your AppData folder.

The stupid trick of the day is that if you install to a user directory, luckily you will not be prompted for elevation. This works both for Firefox and Thunderbird.

Step 1


Choose custom install.

Step 2


Browse to your custom application folder. Mine is setup as %UserProfile%\Apps

Incidentally, that’s the folder where I install portable/no-install applications.

Step 3

Enjoy now almost-hassle-free updates.


  1. «also, Microsoft sends us a cake each time, so that’s cool» ^top

Monday, May 2, 2011


Prima di cominciare, sappiate che questo è un post ScacciaFiga™.


Inoltre questo post è possibile che appaia polemico. In questo caso, mi dispiace tanto per voi, ma non me ne frega niente.

La premessa è che ho passato alcuni anni convivendo con Linux sul mio vecchio laptop, come unico sistema operativo.

Mi impegnai a far funzionare ogni singolo componente, segnalai alcuni bug attivamente. Ho anche proposto una patch per il kernel, che però non venne accettata. Infine, mentre studiavo gli internals del sistema operativo più odiato dagli hipster nerd e lo scoprivo molto meno cagoso di quanto alcuni vogliano far credere, divorziai quasi definitivamente da Ubuntu, Fedora, et similia, perché mi sembrava che i miei sforzi fossero inutili e non ripagati.

Ma come un «innamorato deluso», e come ad ogni nuova release, anche stavolta ho provato il live cd della nuova Ubuntu 11.04 1 (ah, e comunque, ho un cellulare con Android, se può servire).

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